Recovery Prevention

Our goal is to leave your business better than we found it.

You have a choice on the corrective action taken to limit future audit recoveries. As part of our transparent audit process we will share root causes and process improvement recommendations or use our new innovative prevention service to help you do more!

Process Improvement

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    Common byproduct of audit results

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    Review root cause of recoveries

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    Communicate upon discovery

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    Client implementation

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    Use audit insights to recommend corrective action

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    Service included with audit delivery

Innovative Benefits so you can save more

We take root cause analysis one big step further by working with stakeholders to prevent post audit findings from happening year after year.

How It Works

Our data scientists work directly with stakeholders to evaluate historical data, claim results and system details to develop a blueprint to permanently address the loss of revenue identified from the post audit.

  • Innovative
  • Evaluation period
  • Identify Optimal Prevention Area (OPA)
  • Collaborate to eliminate recoveries of OPA
  • Dollars where and when they should be
  • Implementation upon approval

See how a small change can make a big impact

What We Do

By choosing a firm like Payment Integrity Partners, you’re choosing a partner in every sense of the word. When we perform an audit, we’re just getting started. We bring disparate, complex data sources together to solve problems, taking your business performance & operations to new heights.
What we do

Recovery Audits

Never again wonder about the answer to the question: “are we capturing all revenue dollars lost by our system or processes?” Our team delivers results that make a huge impact on your bottom line.

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Recovery Prevention

A unique customized solution that will take root cause analysis a giant step further to eliminate post audit recoveries all together. We work with stakeholders to identify a recovery type and then develop an implementation plan to permanently close the system or process gap.

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Market Basket Analysis

Market research at your fingertips. Utilizing the processing power and capabilities most larger organizations struggle to find. You will be able to draw even greater insights from your data around your customers giving you a competitive edge in driving sales.

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