Market Basket Analysis

We Provide benefits to your business beyond recoveries.

Utilizing our unique ability to draw insights from data, we can help you better understand your customer so you can develop the right strategies to drive company sales. This service provides an even deeper understanding of your customer, their shopping behaviors at your stores, the biggest impacts on each product category, and so much more!

Questions are a thing of the past.

It’s time you empowered your business with answers.
  • What items are in your most profitable baskets?
  • Which items do my customers buy together?
  • What is the optimal price point to maximize margin?
  • Which products are likely to be purchased again?

How It Works

Using proprietary software and data extraction techniques, our experienced team analyzes client data to identify retail and customer behavior patterns. We provide a customized approach to understanding the questions or problems you want to solve. Frequent areas that are examined to drive solutions and enhance sales are as follows:

  • Loyalty Cards
  • Purchase Patterns
  • Personalized Shopping
  • Anticipate Inventory Needs
  • Market Basket
  • Item Relationships
  • Improving Store Checkout
  • Sales Trends

See how a small change can make a big impact

What We Do

By choosing a firm like Payment Integrity Partners, you’re choosing a partner in every sense of the word. When we perform an audit, we’re just getting started. We bring disparate, complex data sources together to solve problems, taking your business performance & operations to new heights.
What we do

Recovery Audits

Never again wonder about the answer to the question: “are we capturing all revenue dollars lost by our system or processes?” Our team delivers results that make a huge impact on your bottom line.

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Recovery Prevention

A unique customized solution that will take root cause analysis a giant step further to eliminate post audit recoveries all together. We work with stakeholders to identify a recovery type and then develop an implementation plan to permanently close the system or process gap.

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Market Basket Analysis

Market research at your fingertips. Utilizing the processing power and capabilities most larger organizations struggle to find. You will be able to draw even greater insights from your data around your customers giving you a competitive edge in driving sales.

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