The New Recovery Audit

Payment Integrity Partners brings you a reimagined recovery audit. With our new process, audits will take substantially less time to complete, you’ll be able to avoid friction with suppliers, and recoveries can be applied closer to the period they were earned for better margin reporting.

We’re here to show you there’s a better way!

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What We Do

By choosing a firm like Payment Integrity Partners, you’re choosing a partner in every sense of the word. When we perform an audit, we’re just getting started. We bring disparate, complex data sources together to solve problems, taking your business performance & operations to new heights.
What we do

Recovery Audits

Never again wonder about the answer to the question: “are we capturing all revenue dollars lost by our system or processes?” Our team delivers results that make a huge impact on your bottom line.

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Recovery Prevention

A unique customized solution that will take root cause analysis a giant step further to eliminate post audit recoveries all together. We work with stakeholders to identify a recovery type and then develop an implementation plan to permanently close the system or process gap.

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Market Basket Analysis

Market research at your fingertips. Utilizing the processing power and capabilities most larger organizations struggle to find. You will be able to draw even greater insights from your data around your customers giving you a competitive edge in driving sales.

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Success Stories

We have helped clients identify and recover profits that had previously gone unrecognized and unclaimed. Don’t just take our word for it, though. See real examples for yourself.

Our Team Collected

using our comprehensive approach
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Our Work Increased Recoveries By

over the Primary audit firm recovery results
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Our Work Increased Recoveries By

by identifying previously unnoticed audit areas
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Acceleration of Recovery Audit

Acceleration of Recovery Audits

Download the White Paper describing our re-engineered auditing process.

Your entire audit process could be completed within as little as six months from the date of a transaction! Find out how we accomplish this and what it may look like for your business.